Biogenic XR Pills For Male Enhancement And Libido Boost

Biogenic XR Pills are created for Male Enhancement that will aid you in curing your sexual problems. These tablets are producing some amazing results but the whole process will take some time. It is made from all natural ingredients so that you can achieve that required results with minimal side effects. These days junk foods are very common and most people do not even consider eating healthy, these foods stop proper body function. Junk foods create lot of oxidants in the body, these oxidants would not be able to eliminate themselves so the supplement produces antioxidants in the body that’ll help you in getting rid of impurities so you can have better health.

Biogenic XR Male Enhancement

Working Process of Biogenic XR Pills

Working process of this product is very simple with providing two significant benefits to the body. First it will provide aid to testosterone producing glands. Most of the sexual problems comes from low levels of testosterone   (steroid Hormone). A bulk quantity of Test is secreted and produced in the body by the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Under certain conditions these glands would not produce the required quantity of testosterone and for that reason your body suffer the consequences. BioGenic XR Pills will also supplement the amount of T in body so that you can maintain the required levels.

This simple functioning product is formulated by scientists to improve the overall working of body. You might get a better idea about this product after reading about the ingredients used in it.

Biogenic Xr Male enhancement Ingredients:

L-arginine: It has a formulation of amino acids that are being used in dietary supplements. You might be thinking about the link of dietary supplements with Biogenic XR Pills. L-arginine is extracted from natural plants. This ingredient will provide strength to your immune system, cardiovascular, exercise performance and erectile functions. You will have lower rate of Hypertension.

MACA Root: MACA Root has always being considered as an ingredient that enhances libido. The increased blood flow in body  will help in better erection. It decreases the anxiety levels that are caused by sexual hormones so you can have better semen quality.

Maritime Pine : Pink Bark plant extracts are very effective because they have been tested in treatment of erectile dysfunctions. The is one of the best aphrodisiac. It protects the vessels against the inflammations. You will also see many other herbs and plants claiming these properties but they have not been proven. Those herbs are not as effective as they claim. Maritime Pine is the best tested herb for improving low sex drive.

Yohimbe Extract : It is extracted from bark of some west African tree. The herb is normally consumed by the locals for male enhancement. It can increase the penis size one or two inches. The extract wont help you in doubling the size of your penis but it definitely helps in enhancement.

Advantages of Biogenic XR Pills:

Improvement in Sexual Power : You will not feel fatigue due to enhanced levels of testosterone in the body and sex power will increase automatically after using Biogenic XR Pills. Low levels of testosterone reduce the energy in the body. After using this supplement your partner will enjoy the increase in your timing.

Improved Semen Quality : The fertility rate is highly dependable on the quality of the semen. With better quality and sperm count in semen, you will have a better opportunity of making babies. For this reason MACA Root has been added to the product.

Better libido : Your libido will increase because the supplement has ingredients that act as aphrodisiac. You will feel strong urge to engage in sex. The trembling confidence you had before will be gone in no time because the partner feels satisfied.

Boost erection strength : Certain ingredients are also added to Biogenic XR Pills that act as Vasolidators. It is important for harder erection and better blood flow towards penis. Due to this increase blood flow the size of penis will also increase considerably.

Side Effects

It is not designed to cure any disease therefore it is not approved by the FDA.
Biogenic XR Pills are not designed for someone who is under 18 years old.
The prescribed amount on box should be used, extra amount may cause some side effects.
If you are using some special medications then you should consult with your doctor first.
Always close the cover after using and Keep it away from children’s reach.

Dosage of BiogenicXR Pills:

The box is filled with 60 pills. You can view the recommended dosage and age criteria at back of box. Drink plenty of water with the pills. The tablets can be taken at any time but night time is recommended.

Why It Is Different?

The Uniqueness is due to the natural ingredients that are added to supplement. There are many who claim the same effects but due to personal experience i can recommend Biogenic XR Pills to you. A change in diet plan is also recommend because effects will come early. With proper healthy diet the vitamins in this supplement will deliver better results.

Buying Of Product

The Trial Pack of product can be purchased after clicking on the link provided, which leads to official website of the supplement. You will be asked to fill a simple form. Just make sure you fill in right details like name and address for delivery.

Biogenic XR Pills


The product is being used by many people. It does have some undermine effects, but at the moment there is no other supplement like Biogenic XR Pills, which is made after proper research. It will take some time to show proper results but due to it natural effects you can use it for longer period of time. If the penis growth is being hindered by some reasons then this supplement will help you in treatment of those problems.

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