Hydroxyzine Weight Loss Effects Are Just Temporary Solution

Hydroxyzine HCL (hydrochloride) can also be called Vistaril, can be really a multi-purpose drug, that can be applied to ease stress, psychological strain (notably before surgical procedure) and many infectious conditions such as asthma, nausea and intense itching. This drug acts being an anti histamine to people who have allergy symptoms. Hydroxyzine HCL maybe not be consumed together with liquor. If you’re facing some medical health issues or have had allergies to hydrochloride, utilize it wisely. Consult doctor before using hydroxyzine hydrochloride, particularly if you’re pregnant. 3 to 4 times a day, could be your normal dose for older people afflicted by itching and allergy symptoms.

Weight Loss Considered to be a side-effect of this drug. According to Report by FDA. The weight loss report of last five years are as follows

Gender of people who lost weight:

  • Female: 66.02 %
  • Male: 33.98 %

Age of people who have Weight loss:

  • 0-1: 0.0 %
  • 2-9: 0.0 %
  • 10-19: 1.08 %
  • 20-29: 2.15 %
  • 30-39: 27.96 %
  • 40-49: 23.66 %
  • 50-59: 26.88 %
  • 60+: 18.28 %

Intense Side effects
Hydroxyzine could create restless of muscle mass inside the uterus, tongue and throat. Involuntary hand spasms and tremors may also come about. The usage of drug should be stopped if you are facing any of these difficulties and consult your doctor.

Apr thirty, Atarax pills have the active component hydroxyzine, that might help you in achieving weight loss. Vistaril is for Stress and you should also understand that it is not a magic worker. However, in some cases it can substantially enhance the GAD and societal stress. But if you take it in appropriate amount everyday it can help you in reducing weight – biased? We researched 8493 Hydroxyzine end users who’ve face side effects. The facts were extracted from FDA reports and social media networks. Certainly the main purpose of this drug is to to reduce the anxiety and other allergic symptoms and in some cases weight loss. Vistaril is a multi purpose drug as discussed earlier, however its main function is anxiety reduction and reduction of psychological strain levels.

Some people claim that they gained weight instead of reductions and faced several other side effects like fever, gastrointestinal issues and hair reductions.

Hydroxyzine Critiques Tests

Weight loss is unwanted effect of hydroxyzine. Some other side effects may include pressure on nervous system, lack of sleep and over excitement. The effect may also differ from one age group to another because as the reports show older people have better chances of weight reduction by hydroyzine as compare to younger ones.

Hydroxyzine Fat reduction

There are also several combinations of hydroxyzine available in the market that can help you in reducing weight rapidly. Slimfast is one of the famous weight loss programs that is utilizing hydrozycut, which is a combination of 3 major component (Hydroxyzine, Amitriptyline and also Pentosan Polysulfate). It is like a cocktail of good medication. The Hdyroxycut is a professional way and it is available In gummies form. You can buy it easily from amazon and it is blended with different fruit flavors.  Hydroxyzine hydrochloride employed at treating of liver issues, Lack of desire, and to Lower blood pressure.

Reducing the unwanted effects of hydroxyzine is important and it should be a priority of companies to make this product safe for use with minimal side effects.

Pounds profit: It’s projected that approximately 12 percent of most hydroxyzine end users may get a few weight reduction. Researchers are uncertain concerning what spurs the fat reduction, however you must consider the other factors while taking this medication. Hydroxyzine can be really a depressant, it can provide gradual increase in individual’s basal metabolic speed or while decreasing laziness and slow body functions. You might feel overly tired in some cases.

Some People experience a gain in appetite or cravings for food (e.g. carbs). Greater desire food and calorie consumption reduce physical task, and also a few users may see weight reduction. Remember the body weight reduction undergone while choosing Hydroxyzine is a major decision and you should therefore take precautions.

The hydroxyzine side effect recorded above may not occur within each and every consumer. In addition, there might be other unwanted effects which take place in a sub set of all consumers which weren’t recorded.

Some Review From People Who Have Used Hydroxyzine

“Elavil and Hydroxyzine helped me a lot and after using it regularly I lost some weight around 15 pounds, I also exercise regularly.If you are taking it for weight loss you should also follow a healthier lifestyle. My body started to heal at faster rate as well.”

“I used Hydroxyzoine for 5 months and started losing weight during 4th month. But then I stopped taking it because I have to take some other medications.”

Negative Review

“I gained 20 Pounds while on Hydroxyzine, I was using elavil at the same time but I know it was that weight gain was not caused by Elavil because I only used that for very short period of time. I stopped using Hydroxyzine now and exercising 4 days a week and still not losing weight.”


The Effects of may vary from user to user and depends on the body condition. You might use it for a while but consult your physician first if it works for you then continue to use it.

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