New Year Weight Loss Resolutions For Everyone

Most people make New Year Weight Loss resolutions at the start of year but cannot keep them. People normally do these kinds of behaviors because their targets are no realistic. When a person feels to be a failure after some time he or she will completely throw away all the efforts including weight loss plans but you should remember that slow and steady wins the race. Diet fads may come and go but good slim-down ideas with natural supplements can stand the tests of times. There are no miracles if you want to achieve you goals then here are some tips that will help you in long run.

New Year Weight Loss Tips For 2018

new year weight loss before and after

” I will lose 20 pounds”

Reducing 20 pounds is a fantastic goal but what method you should use to achieve that? Divide your big weight loss plan into small plans like losing 1 pound every week. Setting and achieving small and realistic goals will give you a sense of achievement and you will perform better. For example you can start with drinking skimmed milk and working out for 30 minutes every day.

“I will try ________ diet”

If you fill in the blanks with some wrong diet then all of your efforts will go to failure. If some diet asks you to cut your major foods like meats, grains and fruits then you should think again. Cutting essential foods will do more harm than good.  A long term plan to weight loss will always include lean meats, variety of fruits and occasionally some sweet treats.

“I will not eat at restaurants”

Skipping a night with friends for some diet is not healthy living style. The loneliness and separation will cause stress, this is not a good thing during dieting plan. You can have an apple or 10 almonds before dinning out and can eat a small salad. A research showed that small breakfasts during diet proved to be more effective and people had 12% fewer calories after following this new year weight loss plan.

“900 calories everyday For New Year Wight Loss Diet”

You can lose calories quickly but you should also know that as soon as you start a normal living style all of those lost calories will come back. Starving yourself is also a bad idea. If you are not sure about weight loss things then discuss your plans with dietitian. A professional dietitian will tell you tips for losing weight that you can add in your dieting plan.

“I am going to do liquid diet”

It might seem a good option to go for liquid detox diet after the holiday binge, but these kinds of approaches often lead to disappointments. You can do a small cleanse. Start a weight loss scheme with 2 day cleanse with 1200 – calorie juice. Replace your breakfast with some fresh juice and vegetable or you can also have a protein shake, mix these options in lunch as well and then for dinner, you can have whole grains, lean protein (fish or chicken) and some vegetables.

“Full Time Vegetarian”

During weight loss you have to burn more calories than you consume, but most people think that cutting meat completely will help them in fast calorie reduction. Newbie vegetarians gain weight instead of losing because they’re unaware of the fact that pasta and cheese are not part of healthy diet. You can take lean meat during diet process but no more than quarter of you plate and add some whole grains, fruits and vegetables to your diet for effective new year weight loss plan.

“I’m weighing myself every day”

If you are weighing yourself daily to assess your progress for weight loss then it is not a good criteria. Hormones and body water can swing between 1 to 2 pounds every day and if you are doing some kind of strength training and I suggest you should them the increase in muscle weight might set your mind off track. On the other hand there could be other areas that you have made progress on like fat loss in body and body size (Inches). So a better way to measure body is in inches and not in pounds.

“I am not eating junks foods anymore”

Cutting down the junk foods initially does help but in long run you will feel deprived. This could result in bingeing. There is a rule named 80/20 which means the 80 percent of your daily calories consumption should contain proper diet foods but the rest of 20 percent could be other kind of foods.

I am going to reduce calories by not eating breakfast”

Research has shown that cutting down breakfast would increase your weight rather than reducing it. The research also showed that people who skip breakfast tend to engage in fattening food later during the day to satisfy their excessive hunger. To solve this problem make a new year weight loss plan that includes breakfast routine containing proteins. For example make a veggies omelet with bread slice ( whole wheat) or some Greek yogurt. You can add a fruit to that and one tablespoon of nuts for keeping the hunger at minimum. You must sleep at least 7 hours a day and people who reduce sleeping hours often get bad results.

“I will do extra exercises”

Working extra hours a day could be boring and it may cause injury to new people. Instead you should do efficient workouts. Take 30 minutes break during workouts. The intervals during exercise will help you to suppress post workout hunger that will aid in accelerating weight loss process.

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